Maker Kits


Ready to create a Maker Day Design Challenge with your students?  We have MAKER Kits available for you to sign out for use with your class.  Kits can be signed out for a two week period of time :


MAKER KIT – Prototyping Kits are being revamped contents listed may change. Currently not available but will be back soon.

This kit includes a set of glue guns, extension cords, rulers and scissors. A variety of consumables such as pipe cleaners, cardboard, modelling clay, tapes, string, wire etc. will also be provided - encourage your students to bring recyclables, styrofoam etc. from home in the days leading up to your Maker project.

MAKER KIT – Tool kits are being revamped, contents listed may change.   Currently not availabe but will be back soon

This kit includes items such as a drill, saws, squares, staple gun, large glue gun, hammers, utility knives, safety glasses, extension cord and more. Idea for use with substantial materials such as wood and PVC.


MAKER KIT – littleBits

This kit contains a large assortment of littleBits for use with design projects in the classroom.  NOTE:  This kit is available only to teachers who have participated in a littleBits workshop.


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MAKER RESOURCES (printables):


Innovative Learning Centre @ UBC Okanagan

Make: Online Newsletter and Magazine

GearBots Educational Resources

Coding and Microcontrollers in Design Thinking DIY Guide

CSunplugged for a huge selection of coding based activities for in and out of the classroom at all grade levels.

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